IVF & IUI Support

IVF and IUI Support

We recommend that you begin the IVF and IUI Support Phase at least 3 months prior to your scheduled IVF / IUI treatment. We have found that our program helps:

  • improve follicle health
  • improve egg quality
  • support and strengthen your luteal phase
  • improve sperm count and motility in men

Even if you are unable to go through our recommended Pre-conception Planning Phase to support fertility, we strongly recommend that you initiate naturopathic care and acupuncture at any point in your process. Some studies have shown that acupuncture can almost double the likelihood for pregnancy when used in conjunction with the assisted reproductive technology.

We understand that you may be impatient to get started with your IVF or IUI cycles, yet having the support of both naturopathic medicine and acupuncture helps to facilitate your body’s overall health and and ensure that you will be successful in your ART attempts.